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Pop-up Store:

What are the advantages for consumers?

Pop-up Stores, or short-term shops, are a new response to consumer needs. Since the explosion of online sales, consumers have become more volatile and less attached to brands than in the past.

While some consumers had their regular shops and a close relationship to the owner, the consumer is now more on the lookout for good deals and a desire to be surprised.

pop-up store boutique éphémère
pop-up store boutique éphémère
location boutique ephemere Paris

Renting a Pop-up Store: Why?

Why embark on such an adventure? Whether you are a Pure Player brand or a brand that already has a network of stores, pop-up stores are particularly useful.

For companies whose products are sold only on the internet, the benefit of renting a Pop-up Store is obvious. 91% of consumers believe that temporary sales areas are the best response to e-commerce.

It is always difficult to start a purchase when you cannot really judge the quality of the product. A Pop-up Store allows your customers to touch, rate and try your items before purchasing them. The event aspect adds to the experience and brings a classy effect to your brand.

For brands already established, Pop-up Stores will allow you to stir up the store experience. You can rearrange the dress and branch codes, meet a clientele that you do not usually reach geographically, offer private sales and exhibit a new collection in an exceptional place.

Why not promote the launch of a new product or service in an original way in a Pop-up Store?

Coping with consumer saturation

Consumers are exposed to a lot of signals all day long. Advertising is everywhere: on the street, in shop windows, in the media, on their smartphones. This overexposure eventually wearies them, risking them to be targeted by commercial temptations.

Bringing about purchase

As we know, consumers are less and less sensitive to sales periods. Formerly rare, these periods have multiplied and extended. In addition, the glut of promotions on the internet sometimes pushes the consumer to be less rushed. The consumer finds a product in the store, seeks the opinions on the internet and then goes after the best offer. However, through a pop up store, it is easier to trigger the purchase. In fact, during sales, your customers know that they can take the risk of coming back later and comparing.

Offering a unique experience

The experience of a Pop-up Store should not be limited to reproducing your usual store experience. Indeed, to attract the attention of customers, brands redouble their ingenuity and inspiration. It’s not just a shop, it’s an event full of prospects to which you invite your customers. Be creative! The idea is to reinvent the shopping experience.

Geographic flexibility

Our Pop-up Store is located in the second district of Paris: a privileged location, in a unique and touristic setting. The Passage Choiseul is a wonderful location in Paris symbolizing Parisian lifestyle. Renting a Pop-up Store allows you to introduce yourself to a public that does not necessarily know you already or one that is not yet won over.

Boosting communication

Obviously, if you rent a Pop-up Store, you will accompany your event with both offline and digital communications efforts. To delight your customers and to make them want another taste of what you offer, let them dream in our Pop-up Store. Also take into consideration that the media likes to talk about these types of events. Chances are your competitors haven't yet launched a Pop-up Store, so why not be the first? You need to be able to attract journalists. This is an incredible opportunity to fuel your network, so be sure to send out invitations for your launch.

Training your customers

Some products and services are more accessible than others. Some of them may require coaching for the consumer to derive the greatest benefit from them. Obviously, your website can already be an instructive support but why not meet your customers directly, train them and give them the upmost attention.